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Winnipeg's Bin There Dump That is the company you need for all your bin rental, junk removal, garbage removal and trash removal services! We serve the city of Winnipeg and Winnipeg County's bin rental needs. Our residential friendly bins and trucks, unique equipment and approachable technicians make for positive experiences. If you need a rental bin in Winnipeg, MB give us a call!

Bin There Dump That Winnipeg specializes in residential friendly Bin Rental, Waste Disposal and Junk Removal!

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On Time! - by , June 2014
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars
Thank you so much for the great service from you and your team. My husband and I were very happy from the beginning to the end process…fast, efficient, friendly, informative, professional…Wow! We will certainly be keeping your company in mind for future needs and referrals!!

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Winnipeg Bin Rental:

"Bin There Dump That!" It's all in our name! We place a Bin, you Dump your rubbish, we haul it away!

We are a 'Residential Friendly Dumpster' rental service in Winnipeg, MB for residential and commercial customers. We felt there was a need for a more attractive dumpster for residential driveways and hoped to address Winnipeg's various space issues regarding bin placement.

What separates 'Bin There Dump That' from our competitors:

  • A wood protection system is provided between the bin/dumpster and the surface it is placed on to limit any damage, especially important with stone or concrete driveways. This is unique to 'Bin There Dump That', see the video on our website.
  • Even the largest 'Bin There Dump That' bin is sized to the footprint of a typical SUV/minivan allowing room for parking next to the container in a multiple car driveway. This is valuable when you have limited space for a bin.
  • Our bins come with two doors in the back, making 'Bin There Dump That' bins easy to operate and load, compared to other bins that have one large, heavy and difficult to operate door, if it comes with a door at all!
  • Our 'Bin There Dump That' delivery system allows us to get into tight and awkward spaces, such as curved or angled driveways and can avoid trees or other obstructions.
  • 'Bin There Dump That' offers five sizes of containers to match the project and budget.
  • Our 'Bin There Dump That' team is courteous and professional and will arrive in a clean uniform with a clean vehicle and bin.
  • Once the 'Bin There Dump That' bin is full, simply call us and we will return at a pre-arranged time to remove the bin.
  • You can expect friendly, prompt and reliable service.

We specialize in trash and junk removal and a whole lot more in the dumpster rental service. Watch our video to see how the 'Bin There Dump That' process works.

(905) 823-8550 ext.225

Franchise Inquiries

Bin There Dump That

Thank you for your interest in Bin There Dump That. The decision to start a business of your own may be the most important of your business career.

Franchise Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Bin There Dump That. The decision to start a business of your own may be the most important of your business career. There are considerable advantages to being your own boss. You want the rewards and satisfaction that can be realized only through ownership and management of a successful and profitable business. A franchise offers you this opportunity.

Why consider a franchise with That Franchise Inc.? The founders of That Franchise Inc. have over 40 years of cumulative experience in franchising. Des Rice and I have been successfully franchising what is now Canada's largest lawn care company, Weed Man. Over the past 35 years, Weed Man has grown to 300 franchises across Canada and United States, and now in the U.K., with a satisfied customer base of over 350,000. We have become not only leaders in our field, but in the franchising sector as a whole.